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The purpose of a bridge is to span physical obstacles such as water, a valley, a railway line or a road.

  • Designs of bridges vary depending on their respective requirements.
  • The majority of bridges are constructed in concrete or steel, or a composite of both.
  • Bridges can be made to be aesthetically very pleasing

Bridge Design Components

Waterway or Clearance

  • A bridge over a water course allows for storms of a return frequency applicable to its function.
  • A bridge over a railway line, a road, or other facility must have clearances applicable to its space requirements.

Design Codes of Practice

  • Internationally recognised and accepted codes of practice are used to guide the design of bridges.

Design Procedures:

  • The design procedures cover such matters as:
    • loads – using applicable static, dynamic and other loading conditions,
    • clearances
    • geometry
    • applicable loading parameters
    • types of foundations, sub-structure and superstructure, and their durability
    • expansion joints and bearings, barriers, drainage, accessories, etc.
  • The structural design of a bridge include:
    • bases or other founding types,
    • columns, piers, abutments and walls,
    • beams and slabs, and
    • Connections between members

Bridge Inspection and Maintenance:

  • Regular inspection is conducted in order to establish the status of the various elements of a bridge:
    • Its size and geometry and type
    • Its structural condition, and the condition of the bearings and expansion joints
    • The condition of its balustrades, sidewalks, and protection measures.
  • ¬†Maintenance measures are subsequently designed and scheduled on those bridge elements that have been identified as requiring it.

Selected Projects:

  • Kingsway Pedestrian Bridge
  • Lotus Gardens Pedestrian Bridge, Tshwane
  • Clewer Pedestrian Bridge Over N4, Witbank
  • JHB Motorway Expansion Joints Rehabilitation
  • Ben Naude Pedestrian Bridge, Soweto
  • Bridge 1793 Rehabilitation over Woest Alleen Spruit at km27.6 on N11-9
  • Eadie Street Underpass upgrading through N4, Witbank
  • Kaalspruit Pedestrian Bridges, Midrand
  • Bridge 1550 Rehabilitation over Skulspruit 2 at km31.0 on N11-5
  • Bloemhof Bridge Rehabilitation over Vaal River
  • Bridge 1796 Rehabilitation over Coetzer River at km29.7 on N11-9
  • Bridge 1800 Rehabilitation over Rietspruit 1 at km9.15 on N11-6
  • Bridge 1549 Rehabilitation over Skulpspruit 1 at km33.25 on N11-5
  • Bridge 1795 Rehabilitation over Arendsfontein River at km35.8 on N11-9
  • Ivory Park Bridge Upgrading, Midrand
  • Bridge 4805 Rehabilitation over Skulpspruit Tributary at km24.7 on N11-5
  • Scandinavia Bridge Rehabilitation over Vaal River
  • Parys Bridge Rehabilitation over Vaal River
  • Milner Bridge Rehabilitation over Vaal River
  • Bridge 2048 Rehabilitation Road-Over-Rail at km24.6 on N11-8
  • Bridge 4804 Rehabilitation over Skulpspruit Tributary at km23.7 on N11-5


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