Themba’s structural department has made the shift to Revit, where all modelling work will be done using Revit so as to ensure our services are not only compliant with new industry trends, but also comply with world class and cutting edge standards.
Along with the implementation of Revit, comes the ability to comply with level 3 Building Information modelling.

Previously all drawing work has been done on AutoCad and associated detailing packages (correlating to BIM level 1). BIM level 3 offers the ability for all parties within a project to instantaneously communicate electronic data associated within the model, increasing communication and work efficiency.

In 2007 Revit was briefly tested, but it was concluded amongst all parties concerned that the software still lacked certain aspects to allow for a more efficient draughting tool, and the implementation was scrapped. Now, 8 years later, we have made the decision to re-implement Revit and have been met by greatly improved software along with accompanying design software.

This will be a significant change, essentially representing a culture change from draughting to modelling, and we at Themba are excited to embark on this new challenge.