Themba Consultants, Established in 1994, has seen several logo’s in its lifetime. Each logo brought about changes, new ways of thinking and new ideas. In September 2015, Themba made the shift to a new ‘facelifted’ logo. However, the re-branding of Themba is not simply a facelift; it represents deeper underlying messages particular to the company.

Logo History

 Themba Consultants pre-2009

Themba 1994

Themba Consultants 2009

Themba Consultants 2015

September 2015 – Themba Consultants new logo

 Themba Complete Transparent

Why the change?

The leaf, within the letter ‘a’, not only symbolises Themba’s dedication to the environment and its conservation but it further emphasises Themba’s dedication to providing its clients with the very best personal service in an environment providing nurture for the growth and development of our staff, fellow professionals and to the communities in which we live and work.

New talent is constantly being brought into the company to provide a basis for new thinking, new designs and new growth.

“Themba is not changing, it is simply growing