The project was located in Ivory Park and Rabie Ridge, 40km North of the Johannesburg CBD and East of Midrand CBD.

The community of Ivory Park and Rabie Ridge were using gravel roads to access their properties. This  was inconvenient during rainy and windy conditions.

The roads were characterised by mud, storm water ponding in rainy periods. and dust during windy periods.

The objective of the gravel roads upgrade was to provide all weather access by removing dust and mud nuisance during the dry and wet seasons respectively.

The City of Johannesburg has adopted the “complete street” approach in a number of locations. The City regards the “street system as being by far the most prevalent communal space, hence it has an important role in creating a Liveable City”.

The provision of piped storm water drainage was intended to remove the danger of flooded open drains and to facilitate access to private properties.

“Complete Streets refers to roads designed to accommodate diverse modes, users and activities including walking, cycling, public transport, automobiles, nearby businesses and residents.”

Such a project, in pilot form, was implemented here.

The project was completed within budget and the roads are now surfaced with asphalt and walkways and driveways with paving blocks.

The complete street pilot project in Ivory Park, is also complete.