Jacob Malose


Jacob Malose 370

BORN : 19th September 1976
POSITION : Senior Mechanical Engineer
DISCIPLINE : Mechanical Engineering
QUALIFICATION : B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
NATIONALITY : South African


Jacob Malose is a senior mechanical engineer who has been responsible for a variety of projects.

Such experience includes heating, ventilation and air conditioning, insulation, pipework, vibration control, public health services, plumbing and drainage, food preparation, conveying and serving equipment, laundry equipment, refrigeration and cold storage, boiler plant and gas installations, materials handling and hydro-mechanical equipment for pump stations.

He managed projects in the retail, cultural, corporate, medical, institutional, Industrial and educational sectors.

His experience and competence in mechanical engineering covers the following:

Client liaison and relationship management
Design and specifications
Tender preparation and adjudication
Project documentation and report writing
Project Management
Budgeting and finance control

Professional Qualifications

Member of the South African Institute of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning (SAIRAC)